UPDATE: Renegade Campus is currently on hold.

Renegade Campus is an audio show that shakes up education through conversation. It will feature stories from educators, parents, and students who believe that our education system has to improve. And “improve” doesn’t mean better test grades; it means a country of students passionate about learning and teachers who can’t wait to teach them.

It's clear that no one person has it all figured out. The aim of this show is to give a voice and audience to a variety of approaches and perspectives and to keep learning from one another.


Tania Luna
I'm a psychology instructor at Hunter College and co-founder of SurpriseIndustries.com (a company that crafts surprise experiences). I've taught college students, middle school students, and professors, worked with edu-tech company SwiftKick, conducted research in child psychology and group dynamics, and developed a web tools curriculum with RedRover and Scott Silverman of the University of California, Riverside. I loathe bureaucracy and burst with enthusiasm at the thought of inspiring students to become passionate about learning.

I spent first grade through college cutting about as much class as I attended but participating in just about every extra-curricular program I could find, all the while scratching my head and wondering why I was learning everywhere but INSIDE the classroom.

As an instructor, I'm constantly wracking my brain to come up with ways to make learning inspiring and enjoyable. While I have tradition values, I often experiment with new techniques ranging from classroom blogging to semester-long alternate reality games, all with the goal of seeing that “spark” of curiosity and excitement in my students’ eyes.

Erica Goldson
I am a student at University at Buffalo and author of the controversial valedictory speech, "Here I Stand." I've worked various jobs such as lifeguard, bartender, waitress, fast food cashier, telemarketer, and child birthday party host - all of which haven't been very gratifying. I'm excited to start working on a project that is basically a replication of what I do everyday: ask questions. I am a keen learner and always appreciate friendly debate/discussion.

Unlike Tania, I spent first grade through college achieving perfect attendance and straight A's. But similar to Tania, I also scratched my head wondering why I was learning everywhere but inside the classroom. I have a strong belief that children can achieve a higher level of learning and interest without formal schooling.

I like to experiment with alternative styles of living, constantly searching for utopia. I spent three weeks visiting Acorn Community, an intentional, income-sharing community in Virginia that stresses an egalitarian-style decision-making process. My motto is attributed to Ghandi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Instead of forcing opinions onto others, I want to see education through experience and conversation, where people can make informed decisions as to how they see utopia, and thus how they wish to live. As of now, I find myself enjoying biking and relaxing in nature.